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Special subject sheet for Qingchuan Bamboo fungus

2016-06-02 14:51:14

Bamboo fungus is a rare cryptogam edible mushroom that is parasitic in the root of withered bamboo, the shape is like reticulation and like white snake skin after dried. It is constituted with circular bistre cap, white columnar stipe and pink egg-shaped volva, on the top of stipe there is a reticulation skirt which is meticulous and pure white and spread downward, and is called “snow skirt faery”, “flower of delicacies” as well as “queen among mushroom”. 
Bamboo fungus is divided into long skirt and short skirt, mostly grows in warm and humid environment, mainly distributes in Sichuan, Yunnan and Fujian of our country. Sichuan Qingchuang bamboo fungus grows in the altitude of 500-1000 meter and in dense forest land that there are a lot of withered bamboo, and it quitely bursts into bloom in natural environment which is warm and humid, is the important member of “Qingchuan delicacies” (Bamboo fungus, Black fungus, Shiitake, Fiddlehead and so on). 
Qingchuan Bamboo fungus has fleshy cap, sturdy stipe, round and heavy skirt, rich nutrition and is crisp, tender and tasty. It has the effect of nourishing vitality and fostering negative, moistening lung for arresting cough, clearing heat and promoting diuresis as well as repressing rot and preventing sour, has health care effect for high blood pressure, neurasthenia, stomach disease. Modern medical research also proves that bamboo fungus contains the ingredient of tumor inhibition and is tribute of past dynasties, famous delicacy of state banquet and good item for dietary therapy. Early in 1980s it enjoyed good reputation. Now Qingchuan bamboo fungus enjoys good fame at home and abroad with natural growing environment, careful artificial making and rich nutrient ingredient.
Edible Bamboo fungus is mainly used in cooking soup, chicken, duck, fish and meat as well as vegetable, melon and fruit are the accessories of making bamboo fungus feast. Stew, fry, braising and burn are all methods of making bamboo fungus delicacies......Qingchuan of ten thousand years, the mountain is green, the water is clean, people are kind, bamboo fungus is natural and has high quality, rich nutrition and fragrant flavor.