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Wild Willow Bracket or Fire Sponge- Phellinus Igniarius

Brand :Canada LI-MO PANDA
Origin : Canada
Brief Introduction : Phellinus igniarius is classified as a polypore, with pores on the underside that bear basidiospores. It is closely related to Phellinus tremulae, another one of the causes of heartrot in trees.

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Product details| Cumulative Reviews

  • Phellinus igniarius medicinal mechanism 
    Clinical summed up by foreign Phellinus igniarius effectiveness of the following:
    1. anti-cancer, anti-tumor:
    Phellinus igniarius -polysaccharide components that enhance the human host of the activity of macrophages, lead to complement the ability of immune activation, and the promotion of cytokines such as interferon induction, so that the fight against cancer cells in the body's ability to enhance, not only have been produced to attack cancer The anti-tumor effect of cell, but also inhibit cancer cell carcinoma of the role of value-added system, but also around the carcinogen and its discharge to prevent the normal cells of a preventive effect. Hwang Sang contain βD-glucan, chitin, heteropolysaccharide (pectin, hemicellulose, polysaccharides Gan acid), fiber consumption, to promote defecation in the intestine cancer in adsorption, and other harmful substances and cholesterol Material and preclude it from being absorbed into the human body and make it an early discharge, which is considered for the prevention of colon or rectal cancer occurred effectively, and may promote the growth of intestinal bacteria useful. 
    2, enhancing immune function:
    (1), Activated white blood cells, macrophages: 
    In order to achieve effectiveness of the defense, the macrophages to go through the activation phase of the process include the activation patterns of change, or more importantly, the special material of the increase in production, such as cell-(Cytokines) IL-1 and IL-2 and so on.
    (2), To remove free radicals (Free radicals): 
    Free radicals are the root causes of human disease, Huang Sang polysaccharide can protect macrophages from the free radical attack, and to promote the body's normal cell function.
    3. Anti-aging / antioxidant:
    The body of her husband mainly caused by the decline in immune function, of course, external environmental factors, such as excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation or under, or consumption of a large number of antibiotic-containing material, it would also create human tissue cells of aging. A number of studies have confirmed that Hwang Sang polysaccharide can effectively reduce the aging of the above-mentioned factors of the invasion, so that the human body is full of vitality; but it will also help reduce fade spots and the elderly to play down the accumulation of plaque.
    In Japan and South Korea in a series of clinical trials showed that cancer patients take on the San Huang extract could speed up the recovery of patients, the wounds of pain and also reduce the patients in both treatment without any complications; users of cell - IL-1 and IL-2 has a significantly higher mortality rate of patients also increased significantly lower rate of life extension. In radiation therapy at the same time taking Sang Wong, can enhance its anti-tumor effect, and reduce the nausea, vomiting, dizziness, pain, hair loss, fatigue, and other side effects. Therefore, beginning in 1993, yellow Polysaccharides in South Korea Sang injection and oral liquid formulations PL2, PL5 has been registered as a legitimate anti-cancer drugs for use by patients with good results.
    4. To help patients with diabetes:
    10% of patients with diabetes is the result of too much insulin the case because of insulin resistance continued to strengthen quoted. Hwang Sang reduce insulin resistance, while rich in amino acids and zinc, have activated the function of the role of the pancreas, and diabetes often suffer from low immunity and a variety of complications, Sang Huang can increase diabetes risk Immunity, it is suffering from diabetes day-to-day protection of the best sources of food.
    Research took place using the polysaccharides Sang Wong, inspired by IL-1-cells, promote the secretion of insulin, blood sugar lowering of the effectiveness. As a result, Japan and South Korea have been widely used to assist in the rehabilitation of suffering from diabetes.
    5. To reduce cholesterol
    Sang to have confidence like Huang steroid cholesterol and can be counter to check cholesterol and fatty acid of the vinegar to reduce the ileum of the re-absorption of cholesterol, which has a cholesterol-lowering effect. Hwang Sang linoleic acid in lipid-based non-saturated fatty acid content is very high, can help lower cholesterol. The other can be activated LDL receptors, LDL by the enzyme to break down the body inhibiting low-density lipoprotein (LDL) oxidation, to avoid LDL attached to the artery wall caused by atherosclerosis. In the oral performance of the on-going research, Hwang Sang was found to enhance the function of cells, lower cholesterol There's a good performance.
    6. The maintenance of liver anti-fibrosis:
    Hwang Sang-induced interferon can be generated, the value-added inhibiting virus, as the San Huang may strengthen the body's immune function, can effectively fight the virus, as a result of some of hepatitis, cirrhosis and even, and so on, there is a very good role in the prevention and improvement. At the same time, Hwang Sang-containing amino acid-rich, vitamin and minerals, can promote liver metabolism, reduce the burden on the liver and liver regeneration, so patients with liver disease emblem marked improvement in their effectiveness. From Japan and South Korea all clinical cases found in hospitals Sang Huang can reduce blood GOT, GPT value, but also improve the fatty liver. Clinical trials confirmed that about 10 grams per day of the San Huang dose can improve the chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis C virus weakening of activity.
    7. Cardiovascular protection, the normalization of blood pressure, migraine improvement:
    Hwang Sang-free and salt, and the lipid content of less than 4%, and most of the unsaturated fatty acids are mainly; Sang Wong rich in fiber can absorb excess oil with cholesterol, in addition to the maintenance of normal cholesterol, prevention Arteriosclerosis and improve, Wong sang the role of anti-thrombosis, blood vessel relaxation of the contract, all contribute to the normalization of blood pressure.
    8. To reduce the allergic immune response of the body 
    An allergic person's body, the immune system is the body that will be harmless foreign allergens mistakenly believe that the immune system will begin operation of the release of histamine and so on chemicals, which cause skin allergies, runny nose, asthma, etc. Symptoms. Research proves that not only Hwang Sang only strengthen the immune system, but also the entire surplus to adjust the immune system, making the action of the immune system more stable
    Wild Willow Bracket or Fire Sponge- Phellinus Igniarius