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Brand :Changman
Origin : Jiamusi, Heilongjiang
Brief Introduction : Changman Guo, chairman of the company, has concluded 6 patents during the past 30 years serving in the edible fungi industry with mindset of developing production technology to be practical, efficient and economize.

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Product details| Cumulative Reviews

  • Place: Heilongjiang
    Introduction: Our company's core technology is a result of over 30 years of production practices, summarized with 6 patents (including utility model, innovation, production technic) to achieve liquid fungi production workflow to be practical, efficient and economize. 
    With quality product rate of 98% and 12~26% deduction on investment (compare to any other fungi production workflow availble), client is guranteed to make back all initial investment on equipments after 1 full year of uninterrupted production cycle. Another additional historic breakthrough to the edible fungi production industry.
    CultureMedium: Liquid fungi fermentation container dedicated culturemedium (Speical Formula)
    Ferment Container: Spec: 50L, 100L, 200L, 400L, 800L, ~ 3T (Can Re-design according to Client's demands)