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Edible fungus Sterilization pot

Origin : Shangdong, China
Brief Introduction : ZhongTai Edible fungus Sterilization pot. Used for sterilization to different mushroom substrate and spawn bags.

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Product details| Cumulative Reviews

  • ZhongTai Edible fungus Sterilization pot. Used for sterilization to different mushroom substrate and spawn bags
    Operating mode: Full automatic touch screen control
    Production capacity: 7000 to 8000 bags/pot
    Product model: ZT2000*10000
    Product introduction
    1Easy to load and unload, airborne bacteria are completely isolated
    2Dry heat sterilization, energy conservation, timesaving, saving 85% energy than conventional sterilizer
    3Fuel: coal, wood, steam, multipurpose edible fungi sterilization pot
    4Autoclaving without  dead corner
    5Reduce spawn bags  energy consumption, each bag costs only 0.02 CNY
    6Easy to operate, can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic control

    Zhongtai_S pot