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The 2nd China Training Course of Artificial Morels Cultivation (International Business Class)

On March 15, China Training Course of Artificial Morels Cultivation (International Business Class) jointly organized by China Edible Mushroom Business Net and Mianyang Baoxing Scientific Research Institute of Morel Mushroom (Limited Partnership) was successfully come to an end in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province of China.

The training was divided into Theoretical Learning and Field Operation, including Preparation, Slant Placement and Storage of PDA Medium, Breeding, Isolation and Storage of Mother Culture, Preparation of Master Culture and Production Spawn, Management and Harvest Work in Field Cultivation, Factory Visit and Knowledge Consolidation.

On March 10, four trainees from Thailand smoothly registered in the appointed hotel, then theoretical learning was carried out in the following two days.

“The arrangement of this time of training course is more terrific than we expected, we not only mastered the professional knowledge on artificial Morel mushroom cultivation, but also personally went to the base, checked the growth period of Morel mushroom and picked superior fresh Morels under teacher’s guidance. After that, we also had a taste of Morel mushroom cuisines which were really tasty and unforgettable,” introduces one of trainees excitedly. “In Thailand, Morel mushroom cultivation is in an untapped situation, in the eyes of Thai mushroom growers, Morel mushrooms are rare and mysterious.”

Morel mushrooms care for low-temperature environment, however, Thailand holds hot and rainy climate, hence trainees showed special attentions to the management of growing environment, suitable temperature for cultivation, soil humidity, air humidity, and factors which affect the fruiting during the training course, and they received detailed and professional answers from the teacher.

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