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Pollution-free Pleurotus geesteranus are preferred by customers

At present, in mushroom base managed by Luoyang Xiashengyuan Agriculture Open Co., LTD, Pleurotus geesteranus are coming into markets in large quantities.
Luoyang Xiashengyuan Agriculture Open Co., LTD is located in Ningzui Village, Baihe Town, Henan Province of China where holds original ecology, zero pollution and large difference in temperature between day and night. The company is a modern technology poverty-alleviation enterprise which engages in R&D and production of high-end Pleurotus geesteranus products. Now, the company holds 6 intelligent steel-frame factories and an automatic packaging line of fresh mushroom, annual output on grid-mode vertical Pleurotus geesteranus and fresh Oyster mushroom comes to 73,000 bags and 110,000 kg in respective, and gross revenues hit above 1 million CNY.