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Beijing Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Company: Collybia albuminosa business thrives

In 2017, Jinzhu Manjiang (Hainan) Agricultural Technology Co., LTD which covers over 1000 mu was established by Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Company. Now, trial cultivation of the first batch of Black Collybia albuminosa shows desirable growth trend on condition of free of heating equipment in Hainan Province of China.
Holding its own industrial chain structure, Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Company has become the leader within Chinese mushroom industry. Now, main mushroom products of the company mainly include Fresh Black Collybia Albuminosa, Dried Black Collybia Albuminosa, Shiitake Crisps, Black Collybia Albuminosa Sauce, Black Collybia Albuminosa Biscuit, Instant Black Collybia Albuminosa Soup, and freeze-dried Black Collybia Albuminosa. In addition to maintaining Chinese market, the company is also seeking deep cooperation with enterprises of Middle-South Asia, Africa and Europe, striving to accelerate the speed to enter into international markets.