Yancheng Aifeier Mushroom Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. ( Yancheng Aifeier Steel Ltd. ) is a large-scale and specialized company in Jiangsu Province, China, which engages in industrialized mushroom cultivation and integrates the design, production and installation of steel structure work into one. As the first domestic company that professionally integrates mushroom standardization, industrialized plant research, development, design and construction into one, Yancheng Aifeier Company ranks the national forefront in various aspects such as industrialized mushroom plant design and equipment, equipment R & D, successively designed and constructed more than 60 national industrialized mushroom factories and equipped them with production equipment. Moreover, the company holds more than 20 patents regarding the construction of mushroom house and owns technical reservation the key equipment during industrialized mushroom production. In recent years, many provincial and municipal science and technology programs have been smoothly undertaken by the company.The company owns second-grade national house architectural of primary contractor and 2-class of professional contracting qualification on steel structure.

For many years, the company has been establishing long-term and close technical cooperation relationships with several professional institutes such as Jilin Agricultural University, The Ministry of Education Engineering Research Center of Edible and Medicinal Mushroom, Shanghai Agricultural Academy, Nanjing Agricultural University and Qingdao Agricultural University, formed the product development system of research and production, and tackled a series of technical difficulties. What's more, the company proceeds from cleaning production and circular economy and takes "Providing personalized services for mushroom production enterprises"as their own duty, so far, a green, energy-saving, high-efficient and safe mushroom production system has been successfully developed, which guaranteed the superior quality of mushroom products and considerable economic benefits for production enterprises.

In the meantime of deeply exploring and researching on mushroom plant structure and the scientific preparation of each functional area, the company also draws lessons from the mature practices of oversea mushroom plants and constantly summarizes their own practical experiences, which have brought about an unique and advanced industrialized mushroom plant design, construction technology and thorough quality management system.

In recent years, Yancheng Aifeier Company has been successively winning several titles and honors such as The Certification of National Spark Plan Project, The Excellent Quality Management Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, The Municipal Civilized Construction Site, The Expert of Mushroom Plant Construction, The Private-owned Technological Enterprise in Jiangsu Province, The National High-tech Enterprise, etc. In addition, the company owns over 50 patents and proprietary intellectual property rights, has obtained 2 authorized inventions, 1 design patent and 32 patents for utility models. There are 2 invention patents which have entered into real trial stage, and 11 invention patents which are in declaration stage.